Without our members, the Saint Paul Jaycees wouldn’t exist. We are empowered with more than 200 members; the Saint Paul Jaycees give you access to business leaders, creative entrepreneurs, elected officials, and other people of influence. Our members are the reason we win awards, and are the only way we can truly make a difference in our communities. (Must be 18 – 40 to join.)photo.JPG


Why join the Saint Paul Jaycees?

  •  The Saint Paul Jaycees are the leading professional organization for young adults in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.
  •  Members have numerous opportunities to volunteer for a broad spectrum of projects.
  • Membership in the Saint Paul Jaycees provides access to professional contacts from Minnesota’s top corporations and non-profits.
  • The Saint Paul Jaycees are a positive presence in the community, promoting events and charitable causes.
  • The Saint Paul Jaycees offer members leadership opportunities that support their career growth.


Associate Membership

What if you are over 40, What will that mean to my St. Paul Jaycee Membership?
Do I have to give up the fun, friends, and good times?.  NO NO NO.
You can decide to become an Associate Member.  What that means is that you can be involved, but with a few limitations of regular membership.  In accordance to our by-laws Associate members may not vote, hold an office on the board of Directors, or be the sole chairperson of a committee.  For one half the price of the regular membership fee ($40) you will be kept on our roster as an Associate member.  The benefits of being an Associate Member of the St Paul Jaycee are:

  • You will still receive award winning Connection Newsletter.
  • You can still involved in events, since you are covered under Jaycee Insurance.
  • You can still Co-chair events.
  • And best of all you are still apart of the best organization in the city!IMG_2089.JPG

What a great way to still be a involved and support the Saint Paul Jaycees.  So if you are about ready to “age out” give some serious consideration to staying on as an Associate Member.  Or, if you know someone who has already “aged out” ask them to rejoin us as an Associate member.  Remember our quality membership makes us the chapter we are.